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If you've been on the internet long, you know that just putting a website on the internet doesn't guarantee you success. As a matter of fact, statistics show that 9 out of 10 internet businesses fail...mainly because of this myth.

Don't let this discourage you though because the internet is still making ordinary people millionaires everyday. Don't you want to be a part of that?

Starting an internet business costs a fraction of what it costs to start a conventional business where you would need a building and all the costs associated with that.

The No. 1 problem that new Internet businesses have is
TRAFFIC. You've got a traffic problem - Not enough traffic.

If you have a business in the physical world, anybody who has taken business 100 will tell you that there are three things that you need for your business to be successful, "location, location, location".

On the Internet that formula is "traffic, traffic, traffic!"

If you have enough traffic you will make a profit. More traffic, more sales, more profit.

Now that you have read this far, think about these 2 questions:

1. How much would this information be to you?
2. What if this info got you 10,000 hits a day?

OK, may be that's a little hard to imagine right now. So let's say 1,000 hit's a day; that's 30,000 a month and 365,000 a year!

We don't know how much traffic you are getting right now but let's just say for example that you get 50 hits a day.

So, 1,000 - 50 = 950 hits a day extra that this information gives you.
950 hits/day x 365 days/year = 346,750 hits/year.

Now let's say you make a sale on 1% percent of your hits. With 50 hits/day you get one sale. With 950 extra hits a day you get 9 extra sales.

Now let's say you make a sale on 1% percent of your hits. With 50 hits/day you get one sale. With 950 extra hits a day you get 9 extra sales.

9 x 365 sale/year = 3,285 extra sales a year. Would 3,285 extra sales a year make you profitable?

Moreover, traffic from search engines is very targeted traffic. The traffic that you receive from them are people that are actively searching for your product(s).

If that were all this information would give you, it would be well worth it. But we are saying that if you get a top ten listing on Google you WILL get more than that. May be even 10, 100 or a 1,000 times more.

If you get a Top Ten Listing in Google, you will get
100, 500 or 1,000 times more traffic!

Do You Want a Top 10 Ranking on Google?

Google not only get about 150 million searches a day; their results are used by Yahoo, AOL, and Netscape as primary results! In reality Google gets
290 million searches a day!

It means that, if you rank well in Google, you will rank well in these search engines also !

Yahoo gets 105 million searches a day, AOL 29 million and Netscape 4 million.

Let's see: 150 + 105 + 29 + 4 = 288 million searches a day!
Wow! Now that is impressive!

This accounts for 90% of all searches on the internet! Now if We were trying to focus on one search engine to rank well with, we would want to rank well with Google.

Do you think you will receive significant traffic by being in a top ten ranking at Google, Yahoo, AOL, Netscape and others? You better believe it!

We guarantee that your web site will achieve a Top 10 ranking on Google within 6 (six) months of order confirmation date else 100% refund of your money.


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